Avi Yemeni debunks Australian media disinformation of Anti-Lockdown protest

Avi Yemeni debunks Australian media disinformation of Anti-Lockdown protest

In the video, Rebel News reporter Avi Yemeni uncovers the continuous Australian media disinformation campaign of Anti-Lockdown protests. Australian Network Channel 9 reporter Laura Turner was questioned by protesters as well as Avi how she would report and why she wouldn’t use the same standard of reporting on the BLM protests.

While American BLM protests ended up in riots, looting and deaths, Australia´s protests stayed calm but also didn’t last long. However, as Avi stated during the BLM protests there were many cases while the Anti-Lockdown protests take place during a period of low to no infection rates.

Turner however didn’t respond to Avi´s questions and stayed quiet, as it is the norm of Mainstream Media peporters not to get involved with Alternative Media reporters when they get pressured by them because they fear they could tell the truth and face problems with their employers.

On that day, Police has arrested multiple protesters including the man with the MAGA hat, the symbol of Rebellion against the Political Establishment, that Avi interviewed.

Over the years, Media outlets have gained a level of trust and accountability. Unfortunately, we have seen time after time that this image has been abused and they have become partisan outlets for political and strategical gains. I believe that the first job of a journalist is to deliver the news impartially and outlets have to distinguish between news broadcasting and opinion delivery.

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