Far-left YouTuber attacks anti-Lockdown protestors

Far-left YouTuber attacks anti-Lockdown protestors

With “Die Zerstörung der CDU” (the destruction of the CDU) Rezo became known to a wider public. Now the Youtuber is taking a swing at the demonstrations against the Lockdown measures. 

He not only shoots against the “Querdenker” themselves, but also attacks the federal government specifically.

In his latest video, the well-known YouTuber Rezo criticizes the state’s handling of demonstrations against the Lockdown measures. In the roughly 18-minute clip he attacks politicians and Police forces for allowing anti-Lockdown protesters reassemble even, despite the protests being dissolved due to ignorance of hygiene guidelines. 

He claims that the government jeopardizes the support of the population and allows the “Querdenker” movement to grow, as he believes that the government’s restrained stance would encourage citizens to think for themselves.

His new video

At the beginning of the video named “When idiots endanger your freedom and health…” Rezo attacks beneath others renowned Vegan Chef Attila Hildman, who is one of the most vital figures in the fight against Lockdown but firmly warns dismissing popular figures like him as crazy.

According to him, the movement has allegedly close ties to right-wing extremists, a claim that has been made by Mainstream Media and Left-Wing politicians alike, to discourage citizens to listen to the movement and solely focus on the government’s baseless decision. 

He claims that the “Querdenker” movement is not a colourful mix of different people with varying ideologies, political thoughts or lifestyle choice but merely an umbrella for neo-Nazi activists.  

Furthermore, Rezo criticizes the government’s attitude towards “Querdenker” as a kind of “Special Treatment”. He cites a statement of the Police Chief of Leipzig, Torsten Schulze, where he said that “using force was not the adequate response” after a protest was called off and some demonstrators have refused to leave, as he added “you don’t tackle a pandemic by Police brutality, but with reason.”

Hardly any consequences

With this approach one not only normalizes negative behaviour towards the measures, it could also leads to a more aggressive appearance in the movement because consequences are missing. 

In addition, Rezo shows excerpts in which mask opponents pressing passers-by or protesters acting violently against journalists, a tactic that Mainstream Media has been using to discredit anti-Lockdown protestors, despite the vast majority being peaceful everyday people.

Finally, the Youtuber calls for a tougher punishment in the event of violations of the Lockdown measures by the “Querdenker” movement. 

He welcomed the use of water cannons after dissolving a demonstration like it happened in Berlin last Wednesday but presses that it has been a rarity and should be used frequently.

His verdict: “As long as the state grants a small, ruthless minority special rights and not even the most basic regulations are enforced, then the majority feels at some point ripped off and doesn’t feel like restricting her own life anymore.”

His verdict highlights the stance of the far-left, pro-Lockdown movement that has been sweeping around the globe and though upright citizens have been standing up against pointless Lockdown measures, they have been labelled as far-right and discredited by Mainstream Media, Politicians and the Hollywood elite. 

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that Rezo has become an Antifa member and chances are that he was in Berlin on Sunday, to block the peaceful protest to move on.

Even though the corrupted World Health Organisation admitted after months that Lockdown measures will harm more than they could help avoid harm, leaders around the world with the exception of Donald Trump ignore this and continue harsh Lockdown measures, crippling their economies, destroying livelihoods and sending countless young people into to dead end where their only way out is suicide. 


Over the years, Media outlets have gained a level of trust and accountability. Unfortunately, we have seen time after time that this image has been abused and they have become partisan outlets for political and strategical gains. I believe that the first job of a journalist is to deliver the news impartially and outlets have to distinguish between news broadcasting and opinion delivery.

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