Five reasons why Donald J Trump is the best President and why the world needs him

Five reasons why Donald J Trump is the best President and why the world needs him

With just a few days left to the US election the whole world is looking at the country. Will President Trump be re-elected or will Joe Biden takeover and reverse all the good things that number 45 has done. Saying this, many people around the world who don’t follow Trump on social media or watch Fox News, don’t know the positive ‘side effects’ of a loudmouth President, who has revolutionised the mass usage of Twitter. No other President in the entire world uses the Social Media platform as much as he does and needless to say, the entire world focussed on what the President had to Tweet about. But what are the positive things that Donald J Trump has done that was good for the world as well as the United States. Here are the five most important accomplishments:

PR China – Donald Trump was never happy with the Trade Deals that the United States had with China and other countries in the past, that took advantage of their cheap labour and the rich US consumers. The first tariffs were imposed on the 22nd of October 2018 on Chinese made solar panels and washing machines. About 8% of solar panels to the US came from China and with the CCP’s heavy subsidies, other manufacturers from around the world struggled to compete. Throughout the years, more and more products were put on the list and China naturally responded but came to their senses and asked for a deal. In 2020, Trump remains the only leader of a free nation, accusing the CCP for their involvement in the spread of the Chinese Virus (COVID-19) but most importantly, pressuring the regime on the genocide on the Uighur’s in East Turkestan (Xinjiang). The administration started sanctions and consider more punishments for the tragedy happening right now. The European Union, especially Germany is very quiet on this topic and the Islamic world is very divided to say the least. A Biden/Harris administration would reverse the achievements of Trump and could cause a dramatic fate for the Uighurs, worse than the Holocaust on the Jews. 

Peace in the Middle East – When Trump took over from Obama, he inherited the Civil War in Syria from Obama and the chaos in Afghanistan, dating back to the Soviet Invasion. He took a different approach and cooperated more with involved parties and to some extent, handed over responsibilities to Russia and Turkey. The Islamic State was defeated, Russia kept Assad in charge and Turkey received the buffer zone. In Afghanistan, Trump signed a historic peace deal with the Taliban and recently announced to reduce the troops to only 2,500 by early next year. The most significant accomplishments however were achieved recently with the historic Israel-UAE peace deal, Israel-Bahrain peace deal and the Kosovo-Serbia normalisation deal. For these accomplishments President Trump was nominated for Nobel Peace Prices by Norwegian lawmaker Christian Tybring-Gjedde and he successfully met every criteria. Obama was awarded for the Nobel Peace Prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”. Needless to say this victory was an affront considering Obama was in office just for a months and the only viable reason for why he received it was because of the colour of his skin. A Biden/Harris administration will be dangerous for Israel in the Middle-East as the Democratic Party has rampant Anti-Semitism problems and it will only get worse. 

Anti-war – Without any doubt, Donald J Trump is the first anti-war President the United States had in a while, since Jimmy Carter to be precise. Neither did he start a war nor did he start or incite a new conflict. In the years of his administration, he was busy ending the mess his predecessors left over for him, especially Bush and Obama. The latter was very vicious in terms of drone strikes and the killings of countless innocent Muslims. Obama never apologized for it and is still celebrated like a pop star, stomping on the graves of innocent children and women. There are countless theories as to why 45 is different than his predecessors but probably the most obvious one is that he has no history in professional politics, thus no favours to return or promises to keep. He is simply a Businessman, a brand and enough fame to reach that position without spending decades in politics and getting rich on the cost of the population. Chances are extremely high Joe Biden will start a new war or conflict the least, most likely in a Muslim nation as it has appeared to be a trend in US foreign policies.

US economy – The President took over a booming economy from Barrack Obama, that after the financial crisis caused by George W. Bush, started a new Renaissance for the country. Trump accelerated the success by lowering taxes, simplifying regulations and limiting foreigners from entering the job market. Lowered taxes created countless new jobs, simplified regulations made it easier for new and established companies and benefited the nation and limited Visa’s made it easier for skilled American labour to find jobs and get better salaries. Until the effects of the Chinese Virus that hit the US as hard as the EU, the United States had the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and never-Trumpers will claim it is due to Obama but also Obama couldn’t have achieved that, if George W. wouldn’t have crashed the economy. Joe Biden and his far-left VP Kamala Harris will increase governmental spending and end the US economic miracle by stopping fracking and moving the United States towards a disastrous ‘Green-Energy’ path.  

Black America – President Trump is probably the only president who has to condemn White Supremacists and Racist in possibly every sentence he speaks, every Tweet he writes and every meeting he has. Reasons for that can be traced back to the loss of the election and the ongoing disinformation campaign from literally everything left of Trump. In terms of Black Americans, it is almost impossible to play the race card against him. Before he was President, he insisted that Black Americans were able to access his Palm Springs Golf Courses, being the first one in the US to do so. During his Presidency, Black (and Hispanic) unemployment rate reached the lowest rate in history, mainly due to his Opportunity Zones but also the general economic uptick. He increased funding for Historic Black Colleges and Universities and increased their competitiveness and his criminal justice reform released thousands of inmates for minor charges, 94% of whom were Black. For an alleged Racist, Trump has much love for Black Americans, so much so that he has developed the Platinum Plan, on which he currently cooperates with Rapper Ice Cube and for which he gets endorsed by Rapper Lil Wayne. 2020 rocked the United States with race riots incited by Antifa and BLM, ironically turning towards Biden and not Trump. Biden, who has a horrific history of racism towards Black Americans has overnight become synonymous for the fight against racial inequality, ignoring his 47 years in office doing the opposite. The latter further cements the hatred towards Trump and proves the disinformation campaign against a President, who has done better than harm.

If many of these facts are new to you, don’t be surprised. Mainstream Media as well as Opposition Parties around the world have done everything possible that you either don’t hear about it or presented it in such a context that you wouldn’t identify the good. Big Tech is actively working to discredit Trump, silence his followers and even his staff, to make everyone else look good. They are playing with our intelligence, our intellect and our perception. Writing this opinion was pretty troublesome as itself because Google wouldn’t deliver the search results I was looking for, making me use other Search Engines.

The world has been witnessing a different kind of World Leader in the past few years. A world leader that as enraged many, caused others to create a massive divide, uncovered the dirty sides of Opposition and proofed that the United States is capable of good and not only harm. If Americans decide against him on the 3rd of November, we will need to accept it but it will be dark day for the world and it will bring harm, destruction and suffering with it like the time before him.

Over the years, Media outlets have gained a level of trust and accountability. Unfortunately, we have seen time after time that this image has been abused and they have become partisan outlets for political and strategical gains. I believe that the first job of a journalist is to deliver the news impartially and outlets have to distinguish between news broadcasting and opinion delivery.

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