If you voted for Joe Biden you hate Muslims, plain and simple

If you voted for Joe Biden you hate Muslims, plain and simple

Reading the headline must shock you. Why on earth would someone call Joe Biden an Islamophobe when he is racing against Donald Trump? Wasn’t it Donald Trump who has been battering Muslims on Twitter? Wasn’t it Trump who banned Muslims from entering the country? Didn’t it get more uncomfortable for Muslims in the US after Donald took over the White House? Yes, Trump was battering Muslims on Twitter, calling them the most horrible things. No, Trump didn’t not ban Muslims from entering the US. He recently imposed a travel ban on citizens of a list of countries that were also proposed to Obama but he declined to do so because of his fear of becoming unpopular and loosing Muslim voters in the US. Yes, it got more uncomfortable for Muslims after Trump took over but it was worse after 9/11. So why would anyone ‘accuse’ Biden of Islamophobia?

Well, it is quite simple. Look at his voting record. As Bernie Sanders mentioned in the race for the Democratic Nominee, Biden’s voting record will haunt him for his life and it does, but the world is silent on this. When the United States decided invade Afghanistan after 9/11 on the hunt for Osama Bin-Laden, Biden was all in for the intervention. Needless to say, Osama Bin Laden was never found in Afghanistan, but Pakistan and it took ten years and two Presidents to find him. To date that ‘campaign’ cost 31,000 innocent civilians life’s and 29,900 civilians have been wounded. 

Was Afghanistan the end? No. In 2003, George W. Bush and Tony Blair started the Iraq invasion, an illegal and immoral invasion. The intention was to topple Saddam Hussain, the Dictator who was ruling Iraq since 1979 and who went into war against Iran after the Iranian revolution 1979, on the wish of the United States. Shortly after the invasion, Saddam was found and hung. The Iraqi’s were liberated and happy. But were they though? An estimated 200.000 civilians have lost their lives in Iraq since 2003. Roughly half of them are believed to have been killed between 2003 to 2009. With start the invasion, Al-Qaida started its havoc, not only killing innocent civilians but also soldiers, local and foreign. Another terrorist organisation succeeded in that chaos to which I will tell more later. What was his Biden’s stance on it? He voted yes.

Fast forward to 2011, Biden the Vice President to Barrack Obama. With the Arab Spring starting revolutions throughout the Middle-East, conveniently saving despotic allies such as Algerian Dictator Bouteflika or Bahraini Monarch Al-Khalifa, unfavoured despots were ‘asked’ to leave. The United States Administration demanded Regime Changes and targeted Libya and Syria. 

Shortly after the NATO invasion of Libya, initiated and led by the United States President Barrack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Gaddafi was assassinated by his citizens and was buried in history. However, the following civil war which de facto is still ongoing has costed thousands of civilians’ lives. In addition to that, it opened up the Mediterranean Refugee route. Joe Biden as Obama’s Vice President stood firmly next to him and supported him in the second regime change as well.

In the spirit of the Arab Spring, Syrians started to stand up against President Bashar Assad. When he returned fire, the West lead by President Obama decided that Assad needs to go but a direct military invasion like Iraq was declined. The Western states started to arm, fund and train a terrorist group called FSA (Free Syrian Army) to fight Assad. The group was following a successful campaign until ISIS rose from the shambles of Al-Qaida in Iraq and swept over Iraq and Syria. The war cost more than half a million lives and displaced millions of Syrians inside and outside the country. Joe Biden was on Obama’s side and did not regret the failed regime change, however if he wins the 2020 elections, there might very well be another try to remove Assad or at least, bring him down to his knees with harsh sanctions on the expense of the Syrians. 

What did Trump do in the last four years while media was telling you he is a Racist, Islamophobe, Xenophobe, Bigot, Homophobe and Misogynist? He defeated ISIS in Iraq and shifted the Syria strategy and focusses his support on the Kurdish Terrorist group YPG. He didn’t start a war with Iran, something that everyone was expecting but he has shifted troops to the Gulf of Persia amid tensions with Iran. He brokered peace deals between Israel and several Arab countries. He brokered a peace deal with the Taliban and reduced troops in Afghanistan. 

So how is it that Biden hasn’t been called out for terrible decisions, that has cost up to almost one million Muslim lives in the last 20 or so years? It is simply because everybody hates Trump for not wanting to start a new pointless war or do a regime change. Everybody hates Trump for not wanting the US to be the world’s police but focusing on America First. The establishment is used to the United States to do that although the American left is strictly against it. Bernie is against it, Tulsi is against it and Trump proved to be against it, but Biden isn’t. 

What are you if you are for Biden? You are against Trump that is for sure, but you are also an Islamophobe and most definitely a Racist. 

To put it simply, if you voted for Joe Biden you hate Muslims, plain and simple. 

Over the years, Media outlets have gained a level of trust and accountability. Unfortunately, we have seen time after time that this image has been abused and they have become partisan outlets for political and strategical gains. I believe that the first job of a journalist is to deliver the news impartially and outlets have to distinguish between news broadcasting and opinion delivery.

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